25 Car Products That Are A Complete Waste Of Money

25 Car Products That Are A Complete Waste Of Money

16. Antenna Toppers

Traditional car antennas are slowly being phased out. But as long as the remaining ones are around, auto knick-knack manufacturers will make and sell things you can stick on top of them.

From macho-looking bullets to emoji-esque smiley faces, antenna toppers come in all shapes and forms — often for less than $10. That doesn’t mean you should buy one, though. None of them do anything to boost your car’s performance but they could damage your antenna and degrade your radio reception.

17. Anti-Static Straps

Anyone who has ever received a shock from opening their car door knows that the discharge of built-up static electricity can be both annoying and jarring. But it almost certainly can’t be prevented by installing rubber straps embedded with conductive materials that dangle from the undercarriage and make contact with the ground.

Anti-static straps promise to remove static electricity by grounding the vehicle, but what they mainly deliver is a foreign object dragging on the road every time you drive.

18. Car Bras

Car bras are meant to make the front end of a vehicle look sleek and aggressive while also protecting it from scratches, dings and exploding bugs. No matter your opinion on their aesthetic appeal (though they’re ugly), they’re simply not practical. They collect water, grime, dust and dirt, all of which can act as an abrasive on the vulnerable paint hidden beneath this unnecessary, unsightly accessory.

19. Lambo Doors

Vertically opening Lambo doors are among the coolest features any car could possibly have — provided that the car is an actual Lamborghini. When you spend $2,000 for a wing-door conversion kit to add vertical doors to your Honda Civic, however, you are over-accessorizing.

You’re also wasting money that could have gone to a down payment for a better ride — and probably making your car less safe in case of an accident.

20. Neon Underglow

Neon lights on the undercarriage give your car a spaceship-y feel by creating the illusion that it’s floating on soft colored light. They also give police in much of the country a reason to pull you over and issue you a ticket.

Underglow laws vary considerably from state to state and municipality to municipality, but chances are some version of these lights is illegal no matter where you are. Neon underglow is designed to attract attention. It often does — but it’s the wrong kind of attention.

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