25 Car Products That Are A Complete Waste Of Money

25 Car Products That Are A Complete Waste Of Money

6. Imitation Chrome Spinning Rims

Genuine chrome spinning rims are not for everybody. They’re loud and flashy, but undeniably awesome, even if you would never want them on your own car.

Plastic imitation knock-offs, however, are never awesome, always ugly and rarely spin correctly. They’re much cheaper than real spinners, which can easily cost hundreds of dollars per wheel, but they’re still not worth spending money on. In this case, nothing is better.

7. Steering Wheel Work Tray

The front seat of a car is simply never going to be an ideal place to bang out some work. Wasting $20 or more on a steering wheel-mounted tray won’t change that. With the many and varied places you can stop to hunch over a laptop, it’s hard to imagine this one-purpose hunk of plastic doing anything but contributing to car clutter for all but a fraction of its life.

8. Performance Chips

As early as 2015, prosecutors were warning that the popular $69 GForce Performance Chip was a fraudulent gimmick based on false advertising. Nearly half a decade later, so-called performance chips still promise to boost fuel economy, reduce emissions and even add more horsepower to cars. They probably won’t do any those things — but they have been known to turn on check-engine lights and void warranties.

9. Fuel Line Magnets

Fuel line magnets are among the many devices that claim to increase fuel economy, extend a car’s miles per gallon and save drivers money by using science to somehow enhance molecules found in gasoline — in this case by creating a magnetic field.

Fuel line magnets have been around since the 1980s and, despite wild claims by manufacturers, a number of studies have shown that the devices do nothing to improve fuel efficiency.

10. Fuel Ionizers

Fuel ionizers are another line of alleged fuel-saving products that have proven to be a hoax. By attaching one to the fuel line between the injector and the fuel pump, they’re marketed as creating an “ionic field” that does sciencey stuff to gas on a molecular level to make it burn more thoroughly.

The truth is, modern fuel injection systems spray a very fine mist of fuel into the combustion chamber, virtually none of which is wasted — with or without ionization.

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