2021 Horoscope: New Year’s Resolutions For Every Zodiac Sign

2021 Horoscope: New Year’s Resolutions For Every Zodiac Sign

In 2021, all the signs will have to be a bit “out of character.” While your nature may be to go one way, the stars are guiding you in what might feel like a counterintuitive direction. Some years are like that! The opportunity here is to discover a new part of yourself, or to build a muscle in an area where you might not be naturally strong.


We get it, Aries. You love winning. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a sore loser. Let’s be honest, you’re known to throw a bit of a tantrum when you don’t get your way. For the year ahead, try exercising a little mindful patience. Every minor inconvenience doesn’t warrant a full-blown meltdown. Easy does it! Your blood pressure will thank you later.

You will have a year where less is more. This can be a huge career year for you, Aries, if you can keep your legendary impatience In check. Instead of trying to “boil the ocean,” focus that competitive drive on one or two lofty goals. Resolve to focus on your biggest goals and keep distractions at bay.


Maybe you can touch your toes, but can you handle a last-minute change in plans? Here’s the deal, Taurus babe: Just because your friend is running 20 minutes behind schedule doesn’t make them a flake. Everyone is doing the best they can! In 2021, try to be a little more flexible and embrace the unexpected.

Set aside your desire for guarantees, because 2021 is time to take a risk! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Embrace spontaneity over security and you could have a wildly exciting year. How about a 2021 resolution that involves bucket list travel or taking a chance on one of your dreams, Taurus?


You have So! Many! Ideas!, which makes it hard for you to focus. While your ingenuity defines the brilliant spirit of your sign, it definitely can lead to a lot of personal frustration. Go easy on yourself, Gemini! This year, take advantage of your Energizer-bunny essence by setting small, bite-sized goals that you can effortlessly check off your ever-expanding to-do list. Not only will you feel extra productive, but you’ll also be amazed by how much you actually get done!

You love variety, but in 2021, you’re being called to concentrate deeply on one or two important topics (and people). This is a year for investing, which means you can’t just pull your gaze away the minute a new shiny object appears. Your 2021 resolution is to ignore the hocus-pocus… and focus!

2021 Horoscope: New Year’s Resolutions For Every Zodiac Sign


We don’t care if you go to a bookstore and only select titles based on their aesthetics. What isn’t working is when you exercise your harsh, discerning eye in social situations. You’re extremely intuitive, but that doesn’t mean your first impression is always right. For 2021, try being a little more open-minded by giving strangers a (real!) chance before writing them off completely.

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Open up to partnership, Crab — the kind that’s an equal give-and-take. If you’re overly dependent on people, resolve to become more autonomous in 2021. Your relationships will thrive when you feel “whole” inside. If you’re always the caretaker, practice holding back a bit and letting others pull their weight. In 2021, you are being called to detach from your feelings and get out into the wider world.


You’re a great listener — especially if you can relate to someone else’s story. And when you relate to their story, you’re excited to share your personal experience, and then that reminds you of the time… wait, what were we talking about? We know you hate awkward silence and you’re willing (and eager) to always fill the void, but this year, make an effort to let others have their turn to talk. Taking center stage isn’t as easy for everyone, Leo love. You gotta give ’em a second to warm up.

Focus on streamlining, especially when it comes to your health and fitness. Trade some of the glitz and glamour (temporarily) for a sense of refreshing calm. Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? You may take an in-between “bridge job” while you build up skills or work on a passion project to unveil later in the year. Make your 2021 resolution to have your healthiest year yet! Focus and prioritize for the win!


You are incredibly gifted at being able to spot the flaws in any situation — it’s what makes you an incredible editor, thoughtful spokesperson, and extraordinary healer. That blessing turns into a burden, however, when you over obsessively scrutinize every aspect of your life. Your 2021 resolution is to shift your vantage: Rather than criticize blemishes, celebrate individuality! Don’t forget, Virgo, that variety is the spice of life.

Romance, passion and the spotlight are calling. Set aside that Virgoan modesty and let people see how talented you are. Your sign has many consummate performers in its ranks (Beyonce, for one!) and it’s time to share your creativity with your fanbase. Dress rehearsal’s over, Virgo — it’s showtime! Set a 2021 resolution to make JOY your number-one priority… and to live in the moment instead of letting perfectionism slow you down. You’re called to be more adventurous in 2021.

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2021 Horoscope: New Year’s Resolutions For Every Zodiac Sign


As the diplomat of the zodiac, you calibrate your needs to fit your surroundings. When everyone is being way too extra, you’re the voice of reason. When your friends are being apathetic, you get the party started. But, as you’re constantly finding balance, it’s easy to forget what YOU want. In 2021, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and be your own advocate. It’s time to let others bend to your wishes. Hey, it’s only fair!

After a social 2020 that had you here, there and everywhere, 2021 stars are calling Libra home. Embrace this domestic cycle and set 2021 resolutions around planting deeper roots, bolstering your bonds and strengthening family ties. Thinking of a move or renovation? Explore new habitats! Open up to more emotional depth!


You are an elusive edge-walker who loves scandal. Never change. But what you may want to consider in 2021 is practicing a bit more transparency. We are not saying that you need to tell everyone exactly what you’re thinking at every moment, but keeping personal secrets from your closest companions only creates distance. The moral of the story, Scorpio love, is that you can be edgy and mysterious without alienating your loved ones.

While you might not be the shy or quiet type, you’re certainly aware of just how much information you allow to get out. With the planets piled into your third house of communication, set a resolution to be more open. Share your message with the world, play with words, allow yourself to be visible on social media and in the community. Kindred spirits await! The end.


You’re a free spirit, dude! Nothing can hold you down! But let’s talk about something called “accountability” for a quick sec, shall we? In order to have healthy relationships (this applies to work, romance, friendship, you name it), others need to be able to depend on you. This year, practice the fine art of dependability by making a commitment that you actually see through. Reliability is always rewarded.

Money is in the stars for you, but you’ll have to become a creature of habit — not always easy for a sign with a million irons in the fire. Focus on building one or two key projects and making them profitable. Make your 2021 resolution to prioritize the things that bring you value. Quality over quantity!


You’re a cutthroat business bitch who still misses your Blackberry. You’re working hard for the money — but whether or not you’ve made your first million, focus on how you can use your incredible work ethic to pay it forward. Of course, your contributions don’t have to be financial. You know better than anyone that time is the most valuable resource, so shave off a few hours each month for the greater good and put in some volunteer work. It’ll make you feel even more important.

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It’s YOUR year! With Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all holding summit in your sign, fresh starts abound. Your 2021 resolution is to stop putting other people’s demands or your hefty load of responsibilities ahead of your own dreams. Your practical nature gets a shakeup as the stars invite you to carpe some diem!

2021 Horoscope: New Year’s Resolutions For Every Zodiac Sign


Whether you’re canvassing for your fave politician, solving the world’s ecological crisis, or volunteering at your local community center, you’re always looking for a way to make a difference. You’re basically a superhero. But the vigilante lifestyle can get a bit lonely. In 2021, make it your business to have more downtime hanging with your crew. Go see a movie, have a couple of margaritas, and get into some trouble. You’re allowed to have fun!

You may tend to diffuse in many directions, but in 2021, you’ll win by going deep instead of scattering your energy and evaporating into the ether. For Water Bearers, 2021 is a time to learn how to receive. This, of course, means letting yourself be vulnerable. Instead of stuffing down your feelings or repressing them (“I’m okay!” or “Nothing’s wrong—why?!”), make a 2021 resolution to allow yourself to be nurtured and supported. Prioritize self-care and take it easy. By the end of 2021, you’ll be starting a new 12-year life chapter, so rest and rejuvenate.


You know that thing… that you had a feeling was going to happen… but you didn’t want to happen… happened anyway? In 2021, trim the fat on that narrative. You can’t always explain your gifts of intuition, but you need to stop trying. If you have a gut feeling, don’t let it fester inside you. Push your innate knowing into your reality by calling out the truth. When you harness your psychic powers, no one can f*ck with you. Now that’s a resolution.

Does Mayor Pisces have a ring to it? In 2021, it just might! As the stars light up your futuristic eleventh house of groups and social action, you could become the unlikely leader of a movement, perhaps even running for office. Or, you might simply get more authentic in your social circles, earning the respect of your peers. Make a resolution to start a revolution — by being yourself wherever you go. Mingle and make new friends in 2021!

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