19 Qualities Every Alpha Woman Should Look For In A Man

19 Qualities Every Alpha Woman Should Look For In A Man

3. He’s Not Irrationally Jealous.

An alpha woman is as social in her work setting as she is in her personal life, so she has to date a confident guy who isn’t going to be suspicious and jealous whenever she’s out of his sight.

He’s confident enough to know that the mild flirtations you have at a cocktail party and your unyielding friendship with your work husband are never a threat to your relationship.

He knows you’re his and never feels the need to question you because your relationship was built on a foundation of trust.

4. He Isn’t Waiting On You, He Has His Own Plans.

He has his own life and respects that you have yours. He’s never going to give you a hard time about wanting to hit the club with your girls.

Instead, he encourages you to spend time with them whenever you want to because he knows whom you’re coming home to.

5. He’s Ambitious As Hell.

You need a guy who is not only busy in his own, life but is inspired and driven to conquer his goals… and then make new ones and conquer those ones, as well.

6. He Doesn’t Air Your Dirty Laundry.

He has your full trust, and you can tell each other anything. You’re not afraid your embarrassing stories are going to come back to you when you meet his family or when you meet his friends for drinks.

What’s said between the two of you stays between the two of you. Well, except for your BFF; she knows everything from what he’s got going on downstairs to his latest promotion at work.

7. He’s Mature Enough To Self-Reflect.

You need a man who’s mature enough to admit when he’s done something wrong, not the type that tries to spin your words or make you feel guilty for dumb stuff. He’s in touch with his emotions and basically knows how to act like the grown ass man he is.

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