17 Things You Should Never Do On Your Period

17 Things You Should Never Do On Your Period

14. Avoid smoking

We all know smoking is dangerous for our health but women who smoke during their period are more likely to experience severe pain. So, it’s better to kick the butt.

15. Don’t over-wash your vulva

It can be tempting to pay extra attention to down-there washing when you’re on your period, but steer clear of over-zealous cleaning. Overwashing your delicate lady parts can disrupt the level of the vaginal microbiome.

Gently bathing in just warm water should be enough to stay clean and fresh. Even intimate soaps can be too harsh and disruptive of the natural bacteria down there and can cause a reaction.

16. Don’t hide indoors

It’s tempting enough to stay holed up inside during winter, even before you’re ailed with period pains but getting outside is key.

Nature has been found to help with soothing our mental health and with some of us experiencing elevated levels of anxiousness on our periods, getting out for a quick stroll can be of real benefit to boost your happy hormones.

17. Don’t have injectables…

Or piercings. Or a wax for that matter.

We’re more sensitive to pain during our period so it is recommended to plan your appointment for a week after your period finishes. Studies show that women are consistently more sensitive to pain in the run-up to their period and during their period.

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