15 Types Of Social Media Friends (Which One Are You?)

15 Types Of Social Media Friends (Which One Are You?)

The 21st century is incomplete without social media. With virtual friendship, group video calling, saree to ice bucket challenges — social media is always filled with exciting trends and activities. 

Therefore, starting from celebs to 14-year-old minors (unfortunately) — all are there to be part of virtual communities. Everyone loves to be on social media and stay updated.

While some share their regular routine with their virtual friends, some use their social media handles just to check others’ posts and statuses.

While some prefer writing political posts, others share memes throughout the day. This is not all, there are people who prefer to be silent and act as surveillance cameras on social media too. 

Here, we will talk about the 15 types of friends we all have as our social media connections.

1. The Marketers

The handsome boy or the cute girl in your friend list who will never reply to your text but they will promote their beauty pages and workout pages every alternate day. They will insist you like their pages and content and will treat you more like a fan!

2. The Fans

They don’t care what you write or what you take picture of, how you look in selfies or what caption you use to ban the boors. The fans are going to love it anyway!

Well, here are two options: either you’re a genius, or all those fans are enthusiastic dumbs. The second option is infinitely small — well, right, such nice people can’t be enthusiastic dumbs.

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