15 Reasons You Need A Sarcastic Friend In Your Life

15 Reasons You Need A Sarcastic Friend In Your Life

Sarcasm is a language that only a very few people would be able to understand. However, it’s one that is also filled with a lot of honesty, joy, comedy, humor, and intellect.

That is why if you happen to get a chance to get a best friend who is fluent in the language of sarcasm, you have to make sure to make the most of that opportunity.

Being sarcastic has its positives and negatives, but mostly positives, because sarcastic people are generally pretty funny.

Think about all the sarcasm going on in Friends. Haven’t you always wanted to be like the friends on Friends? HAVEN’T YOU?! Even if you haven’t there are still some compelling reasons for keeping your sarcastic friends around, even if they do drive you insane from time to time.

15 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Sarcastic Friend

Some of the funniest, best people around use sarcasm as a central plant of their sense of humor.

It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like you (though it certainly can, be careful), but the sarcastic jabs they send your way should make you smile and laugh!

Here are 15 reasons why everyone needs a sarcastic friend in their life.

1. You laugh a lot.

The best reason to have a sarcastic friend in your life, is just because you can laugh a lot. This person supports you with their humor, so embrace your friend and see how your life becomes easier.

2. They aren’t afraid of offending you.

Your sarcastic friend knows exactly where your buttons are and they won’t be afraid to push the hell out of those buttons if it’s needed.

They aren’t worried about offending you if they know that what they’re saying is something you need to hear. And if you get offended, it’s your problem, not theirs. You’ll just have to get over it.

3. They never walk on eggshells.

They speak their mind, not minding if they are going to offend you or anybody else. These people avoid sugar coating things.

Also, they are not afraid to stir things up a bit and see how people react to their comments.

When you think about it, it’s good that they are that way. At least you know they’ll tell you the truth no matter how hurtful it might be.

4. It will help you get jokes.

15 Reasons You Need A Sarcastic Friend In Your Life

If you’re not one with a very dynamic sense of humor, a sarcastic friend will show you the world. Being able to laugh at sarcasm will give you a broader sense of humor, and let’s be honest, funniness is an important trait in a friend.

5. You need a snippy friend to have your back.

When you’re at the bar and some creepy dude is squeezing on you, sometimes a sarcastic aside is what you need from your sidekick to turn him off.

A sarcastic friend is the perfect person to have your back when what you need is some quick, snappy, sassy one liners to shut someone down.

6. They make a great wing man/woman.

Sarcastic people are just plain funny. So why wouldn’t you want a sarcastic friend by your side when you’re hitting the singles bar?

They’ll make you, and your prospective date, smile, and laugh. They’ll also drive the not so great people away with their pointed sarcastic barbs. It’s the best of both worlds!

7. They make you think outside the box.

15 Reasons You Need A Sarcastic Friend In Your Life

Sarcastic friends don’t just call you on your BS, but they call out your insecurities and push you to think outside the box and get outside of your comfort zone.

You’ll find yourself feeling emboldened by their sarcastic sense of humor and realize that they’re right there with you every uncomfortable step of the way!

8. They teach you not to take things so seriously.

You’re a very serious person, but you don’t need to take life this way all the time.

And if you can’t make the worst situation a bit lighter with a joke, then your friend will do that for you. No matter what happens, it’s not the end of the world, and now life seems to be much easier.

9. None of you ever get offended.

You shower each other with insults on a daily basis. You don’t hesitate to mock and tease one another for every little thing.

The important thing is that you know there are no ill intentions underneath any words spoken between you.

You are with a person who only has your best at heart. That’s why you hardly ever get into a fight.

10. A cynical world view can sometimes be useful.

From time to time, you need a perspective on the world that’s a little bit cynical. Sometimes things are designed the way they are for a reason that’s of human making, not because of some divine purpose.

You need your sarcastic friend to point that out for you! Being idealistic is wonderful, and your sarcastic friend needs your romantic attitude as much as you need their more realistic one.

11. Because sometimes you’re being ridiculous.

Sometimes your problems are stupid. Sometimes you’re stupid. But that’s okay! Everyone has stupid problems and acts stupidly some times.

Your sarcastic friend is the one who makes you see the forest for the trees, and will be coming over and cracking wise to pull you out of a slump when you’ve locked yourself away for a week crying and pining over someone you dated for a month who didn’t work out.

Your sarcastic friend is the one who puts things into perspective.

12. They push you out of your comfort zone.

You might not be as sarcastic as your friend, but you are getting there slowly.

You probably had no intention of becoming a sarcastic person, but it kind of happened.

You catch yourself making witty comebacks and making a room full of people laugh with your inappropriate remarks.

You are becoming bolder, and your self-esteem is growing by the minute because you are slowly starting to realize that you don’t really care what anybody else thinks of you.

13. They teach you that sarcasm is the best weapon against assholes.

The thing with assholes is that they usually don’t even get sarcasm, so you can make fun of them right to their faces, and they won’t even understand — and even if they do you won’t really care.

Your skin is thicker now, and you know they have nothing on you. They will rot in their own toxicity anyway.

14. Your enemies are their enemies.

15 Reasons You Need A Sarcastic Friend In Your Life
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Basically, you hate the same people and that’s making the bond between you even tighter.

You don’t even stop to think before mocking them shamelessly. Exaggerating everything is always a plus.

Your exes are usually the ripe material for mocking, so something in the lines of: “Look at him, were you drunk throughout the entire relationship?”, “Don’t be a fool.

Of course, you won’t get back with him. That would be like taking a shower and putting your dirty underwear back on.”

15. They know when to shut their sarcasm off whenever necessary.

A sarcastic friend isn’t ALWAYS going to be sarcastic. They know how to find humor in any situation because of their natural wittiness and cynicism. But they also know how to turn their sarcasm off whenever the situation actually calls for it.

Situational awareness is one of the most underrated traits in people. And that’s something a sarcastic person is always able to master.

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