13 Common Cat Sleeping Positions & What They Mean

1. All Curled Up in a Furry Ball

13 Common Cat Sleeping Positions & What They Mean

This is also called the ‘crescent,’ and it is one of the more common cat sleeping positions. One reason for that is it helps your cat maximize his body heat for added warmth. It’s also a sleep position that protects your fuzzy friend’s vital organs.

This is a common position for wild cats and is something that is part of their natural instinct to protect themselves while sleeping. In this position, curled-up cats often curl their back in a shape that resembles a crescent, and thus, the name for this position.

Your cat may also choose this position during times when they are feeling a little insecure. It helps them feel protected.

2. In a Cardboard Box

13 Common Cat Sleeping Positions & What They Mean

Just like your kids love a good cardboard box to play with, your cat also loves to sleep in it. They offer your kitty protection from the elements and from enemies. It’s another sleeping spot that harkens back to their wild ancestors.

Cats sleep in boxes or other enclosed areas to stay hidden from any predators or rivals that might want to pick a fight with them. If your cat’s an indoor kitty, the desire to sleep in a box may indicate they are hiding from someone or something in the house. It might be a new pet or an old rival, but it could also be a person who is constantly trying to pet or play with your cat.

3. Belly Up

13 Common Cat Sleeping Positions & What They Mean

I like to call this position the ‘belly trap’ since I can’t resist patting that belly, and when I do, my cat attacks! This is such an adorable position it’s hard to resist. Your cat is just fully exposed while he gets a little shut-eye.

When your cat sleeps belly up, it’s a good sign that the two of you have an excellent relationship. It’s a vulnerable position so it indicates your cat completely trusts you and your home.

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