12 Types Of Women That Men Fall In Love With

12 Types Of Women That Men Fall In Love With

Men fall in love with women who seem special, who seem different from the other women with whom they have been out.

For centuries, many women have tried to know the specific features of personality and behavior that make them more attractive to men. There are many questions to answer in the world of males. What is certain is that each boy needs a special female that can become his “soul mate”.

There are as many preferences in choosing a partner as men’s typologies. Some people like blondes, others brunettes, some men prefer women who have a decent dress code, while others are knocked off their feet whenever they see a bold neckline or a mini skirt.

And still, some women are more successful in love than others. They seem to attract men like flowers attract bees! Let’s look at them.

12 Types of Women that Men Like the Most

1. Natural Woman

You are who you are and sooner or later you have to reveal your true colors.

Makeup is not bad in itself. On the other hand, it is the way a woman uses it to make her more beautiful that is problematic. Some women simply plaster it on their faces and this annoying habit turns men off. The latter prefer natural women. No one is perfect and nobody has to be. There is no harm in getting made up, but never too much!

If it’s too much it makes men wonder what you’re hiding, maybe an ugly and disgusting birth mark!

Men have another legitimate worry: will they recognize in the morning the woman who wears a mask of makeup?

2. Childish Woman

12 Types Of Women That Men Fall In Love With

You heard it so many times: men never grow up entirely. They play with their toys and video games all their lives. While this is not true about every single man you meet, you should know there are those who feel attracted to childish women, to their optimistic attitude on life, to their playful smile that lightens the room. Have you ever wondered why older guys are often attracted by a lot younger women? This can be a reason!

They may appreciate the fact that this type of women is cheerful, playful and represents sunshine in their dull or stressful life. However, try not to exaggerate. Sometimes they need you to act responsible and wise. And they also like you to take charge, initiate a conversation with them and ask them interesting questions to keep the conversation going.

3. The Sex Bomb

This is the first kind of woman that comes to anyone’s mind when trying to figure out which types of women are more likely to attract men nowadays. It is true: a sex bomb will make 99% of the men turn their head when she walks down the street. It’s the very law of attraction!

However, you can rest assured: these are not the only women men are looking for! Actually, when looking for a long term relationship, some guys will even avoid sex bombs

4. Action Woman

12 Types Of Women That Men Fall In Love With

Yeah, they like the Lara Croft type, you know it already. But there’s no need for you to go so far. Something as simple as a bike ride, for example, is a good way to win his admiration. If you like climbing, if you know how to ride a horse, if you save your cat from trees on a regular basis, or if you are the sportive type, then you might want to show off. Men find action women really sexy.

5. The Mother Type

It is said that women are looking for their father figure, and men for their mother’s copy. Why? The psychologists will explain you all about the masculine/feminine prototype all of us develop while growing up.

Besides this, there are men out there who, without being misogynists, like sharing their life with a woman who takes care of their basic needs, cooking and cleaning. Also known as the “housewife”, the mother-like type of woman is many men’s ideal.

6. Independent Woman

12 Types Of Women That Men Fall In Love With

Men who enjoy financial freedom and autonomy prefer independent women. In other words, men don’t bear the thought that their female partner depends on them, neither financially nor sentimentally.

They can invest beautiful feelings in such a relationship, but they do not want to turn into “baby-sitters.” They consider that an independent woman is the woman who can handle in any situation and who does not need her partner’s help whenever she’s got a flat tire.

There’s nothing sexier in a man’s eyes than a woman who is sure of her qualities, likes her own body, knows what she wants and has an accomplished career to boost her confidence.

7. The Cool Pal

Be aware: men are not always after your most feminine and sexiest side! There are those who appreciate a good pal who understands their jokes, shares their preferences as sports fans, and knows how to handle a gaming console.

Is the woman’s place in the kitchen? Not necessarily! For these guys, the ideal woman supports the same football team, and is a good adversary in their favorite car racing video game. However, things might change in the bedroom, where you might have to drop the cool act and take out your most feminine tricks.

8. Adventurous Woman

12 Types Of Women That Men Fall In Love With

We all need some adventure and excitement in our lives and, in order to feel that they live their life to the max, men need to move out of the comfort zone and get their adrenaline pumping!

Women today are more fearless, therefore more adventurous. Men love these women as they use a mixture of psychology and adrenaline to attract them. An intimate bond can be created between a man and a woman by suggesting to do something extreme, unusual, even dangerous, in one word: adventurous.

Men see this adventurous side as being both an advantage and a challenge. An advantage, as these women are used to outdoor activities, so it is easier for men to invite them to go out on dates, and a challenge as they never know what to expect and what adventure is awaiting them.

9. Mysterious Woman

Women like to surround themselves by an aura of mystery, at least at the very beginning. Many men fall for it, but once the mystery is gone, things might become boring.

So, be careful! If your guy was attracted by your mysterious side in the first place, you might want to keep some of it all along. Exercise your right of being a woman, and try to be unpredictable, but only from time to time. A prolonged total mystery can make your man think you are hiding something from him, and no one likes that.

10. Positive, Optimistic Woman

Men are actually attracted to women with their feet on the ground; optimistic and positive women. Men need confirmation, appreciation, praise and certainty, and the optimistic woman is exactly what they need, thanks to positive replies, smiling appreciations and confidence in the future; in other words, positive reinforcements.

These women act just like magnets – they attract everybody and all the people around want to bathe in their positive glow. With their big smile, accompanied by some kind words, they win men over. Men feel stronger and sexier in the presence of a woman who can always find the bright side of everything.

11. Smiling Woman

12 Types Of Women That Men Fall In Love With

One of the things men first see in a woman is her smile. This smile can have different meanings, and it tells a lot about a woman: that she is either shy, or secure with herself. It is considered magic, as it can also bring to light some other features like the cheeks or the eyes.

Men especially love women who smile warmly. They look more open, more understanding, more loving and more sincere. Men appreciate women who smile a lot – not with a dumb smile on their face – and they love being the source of that smile.

12. Sensual Woman

It is not a secret that men like sensual women. These women simply get their blood pumping. Sensual doesn’t mean slutty, especially not in here! The difference is huge, as sensual is related to senses. It isn’t either related to sex, as women could have a sensual delight in making men happy; for instance, by cooking their favorite dish!

Men like women who, by using their body language, their voice, their clothing and most importantly, their eye contact, can get their sensory attention. They know that these women are perfectly aware of what feels good to them, they know exactly what men want.

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