12 Reasons You Need A Personal Motto

Sometimes we all need some words of encouragement, some words to live by.

12 Reasons You Need A Personal Motto

Maybe you’re having a rough day, or maybe you just feel like you’ve been in a funk for a while but can’t explain why.

There’s something to be said for not only being able to recognize those moments but also for being able to quickly get yourself out of them. But how can you do that?

With personal mottos, that’s how. Like a quick jolt of caffeine, a motto can get you out of your mental doldrums and spur you on.

What is a Personal Motto?

A personal motto is a slogan or your favorite saying, like ‘when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.’ It is a powerful phrase that lifts you up and reminds you to stay positive.

Mottos are all about challenging yourself to do things that may seem achievable or which defy expectations. They push you to question the world around you, and urge you to reject the status quo when it doesn’t match your values.

Why do I Need a Personal Motto?

Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget what is best in life.

The real reason why you need a personal motto, what we’ll call your life motto, at the very top of your list, is because this one phrase is the only phrase you need to either turn your life around or re-motivate you to define yourself, set (and help you reach) goals, decide on what’s next in your life, etc.

Using mottos can be a useful way of thinking. All too often, you may shy away from making changes that go against convention. They can give you the inspiration you need to branch out and try new things, diving headfirst into all kinds of new challenges and experiences.

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