12 Omens Everyone Should Know

12 Omens Everyone Should Know

9. A Shooting Star

Stars are the map of the universe and have been relied on to foretell the future and other things in many cultures throughout history. To see a shooting star can mean that change, luck, fertility, and love are on the way to you.

A wish made when you see a shooting star will come true.

10. Itchy Hands

Itchy hands bring money. Some say itchy palms are a sign of greed. Others say that if your palms itch, it means there will be money in your future.

When your left-hand itches it is said to be a sign that money will be coming your way and a itchy right-hand means money will be flowing out of your pocket.

11. A Snake

Snakes have been feared throughout history. Very few have ever been portrayed in a positive light within any stories.

Many people also fear snakes. Some of them are poisonous, after all. For these reasons, crossing paths with a snake is almost always considered to be a sign of bad luck.

12. Tingling Hands

Having tingly hands is always a weird and disorienting feeling. Some people think it could mean something.

Astrologers explain that this feeling could be an indication of future wealth or status.

The theory is that the tingling sensation predicts that your hands will be full of cash in the not-too-distant future.

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