12 Omens Everyone Should Know

12 Omens Everyone Should Know

5. A Bird Pooping On You

The main omen associated with a bird pooping on you is that it is a sign of luck. Luck, prosperity and good fortune are all yours to come with this symbolic experience.

When a bird poops on you, symbolically you are provided a situation in which you have to slow down, look at yourself, your behaviors, actions, beliefs and life choices, and be honest with yourself.

An integral part of this experience is the ‘cleaning up’ stage, which intrinsically involves clearing. Cleansing, clearing, and transformation are a part of this good luck omen.

6. Putting Your Clothes On Backwards Or Inside Out

Have you ever put a piece of clothing on the wrong way?

There is an old wives’ tale that says putting your clothes on backwards or inside out can bring good luck.

They say, you must keep it that way all day in order for it to stay that way. If you fix it, your luck will turn.

7. Seeing Your Doppelgänger

Doppelgänger is defined as “a ghostly counterpart of a living person.”

It has also come to mean a double or alter ego, or even a look-alike. If you ever come across someone who looks exactly like you, it is thought to be an omen of impending death or bad luck.

8. Pointing At A Rainbow

Rainbows are traditionally symbols of good luck, often representing a path you must follow to a positive conclusion.

However, it may be better not to draw too much attention to them.

When you see a rainbow in the sky, it can be an instinct to excitedly point at it. However, some cultural traditions think that pointing at the rainbow is like questioning the divine and will bring you bad luck.

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