12 Omens Everyone Should Know

12 Omens Everyone Should Know

You’re walking down the sidewalk when you notice a ladder next to a building in front of you. There isn’t anyone on the ladder at the moment, and it is blocking your path, but you still don’t walk under it.

Instead, you walk around the ladder. Why? Because that would be bad luck of course!

Every day, there are signs all around us. In fact, there are even symbols in our dreams that might be trying to tell us something.

These kinds of symbols are everywhere when you’re awake, too. They’re called omens. Not everyone believes in these kinds of signs, but plenty of folks do, and they tend to have very specific ideas about what constitutes an omen — and what they really say about the future.

An omen is something that is believed to be a sign or warning of something that will happen in the future. That broad definition can cover everything from harbingers of bad news to signs of good luck to come.

So why do superstitions exist? You’ve surely encountered several in your life, and they usually come from older people. Oftentimes, bad omens and superstitions relate to shady history — for example, cats are considered bad luck because they were seen as companions to witches during the early days of Puritans in America. Other bad omens and superstitions, however, are related to very sensible and logical pieces of history.

1. Black Cat

A black cat is perhaps the most classic example of an omen. However, this common superstition is actually quite complicated and often misunderstood. They can actually be a good or bad omen.

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Bad black cat omens come from a mix of beliefs. Some of these include their association with witches, darkness, and death in the Middle Ages.

However, the Egyptians revered black cats. They are also considered to be good luck to fisherman and pirates, so don’t be afraid to pet that black kitty that keeps visiting your house!