11 Undeniable signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

11 Undeniable signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

What is a soulmate?

That person is not just a romantic partner to you. He is your best friend, your rock, your pillow to cry on, your “partner in crime” or to quote Barry White: “…you are my first, my last, my everything!”

Has it ever happened to you that you met someone and you just had this feeling that you have been waiting for that person your whole life? That that person completes you? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t, anyhow, stay with me and I will tell you some exact and proven signs that this person is your soulmate!


Maybe your solumate was somewhere around you for a long time, but you were not destined to meet each other until that precise moment. Or maybe you haven’t met him yet? Maybe he’s living next-door but you haven’t noticed him yet? All this happens for a reason. What would happen if you met him and you were in a relationship, or it just wasn’t the right time for it? You have to be prepared for meeting him, it can’t happen out of the blue. Leave that to the destiny and don’t push it. You have to be patient.


When I say communication I don’t mean strictly the regular kind. I mean on the non-verbal one also. This one is even more important. If you manage to see what your partner is thinking just from the expression of his face you’ve found your soulmate. When you succeed in reading his body language you will know you are on the right track. The whole point of a soulmate is to be able to know what that person is thinking or feeling like without having to use words.


You’ve hit the jackpot when you see that he is by your side no matter what. When you see that he sticks to your decisions even if he thinks they are not that good. But, he shows you he will be by your side no matter what. If you make a wrong move he will support you. When you fall he will pick you up. You have to feel as if you can concur the world if he is there for you.


If that person literally can’t live without you, he is the one. I don’t mean this in that psychotic way that he follows you everywhere you go and doesn’t let you breathe. I mean in a way that that person can’t imagine the scenario where you two aren’t together. He loves you and he has decided that the two of you are going to be together “till death do you part”.


Now this is a tricky one. You shouldn’t feel inferior or superior to your partner ever. You have to be compatible and equal. This also means that you have to challenge each other on an intellectual level. You have to have something to talk about. You have to challenge one another and then you have to try hard to complete those challenges. This way, you will never be bored and your relationship will never lose that sparkle that gets it going.


You have to have that special something that you feel when you meet someone who is just for you for the first time. You have to have that electric attraction, those butterflies in your stomach. You have to feel like you’ve been everywhere and you’ve seen everything and now is the time to settle down and spend all the time you have left with that special someone. And you will never be sorry for that. You will never be sorry that you didn’t live a bit more before you made a commitment to him.


Your soulmate will have if not the same, then similar interests as you do. He will be equally ambitious as you are. Even though he doesn’t have to be that ambitious as you are at the beginning or vice versa, he will learn how in your future life together. Because you will influence him, or he will influence you.


This is very cool. It is common that when soulmates meet and get to know each other that they realize that they could have met many times before they actually did, or that they know the same people or that they were on the same places like parties or happenings, but they just somehow missed on each other.


You just clicked. He is your best friends. You will laugh together and you will cry together. You will get in a fight because you are trying hard to keep this thing alive because you know you are meant to be together. And after you are done fighting you will smooth things up and love each other even more than you did before.


Your whole life, up until this moment you were feeling like something is missing. You were incomplete. But now after you have met him, you don’t need anything else. You have everything that you want. It’s like when you are solving a puzzle and that one part is missing. And until you find that one part, you won’t be happy or satisfied. It will bother you, because you know that that final piece is somewhere waiting to be found. And when you finally find it, life seems to have much more sense.


You feel like you know everything about each other. You feel like there was a past life and you were solemates then and you grew old together and you died together, happy. You see that his moves, the way he makes gestures, the way he kisses you, the way he smiles, feels familiar to you. Like you have seen it somewhere before. Maybe you did. Maybe you’ve already lived one life and now you’ve met again.

All of these can show you if this person is your soulmate. But the most important thing is that one which you feel inside. Sometimes no signs are necessary, you just know!

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