11 Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Man

11 Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Man

With good communication, you can build a healthy relationship. It is necessary that you should be open and sincere with your man but there is a limit to which you can open up in front of him. Honesty isn’t always the best policy.

There are secrets which when revealed will only hurt rather than help your relationship. Men tend to have unpredictable ego and anger issues. Even an inoffensive statement about something can aggravate them or hurt their ego leading to disturbance of your peaceful relationship.

Lying in a relationship isn’t ideal, but there are definitely some little things that you should keep from your partner.

Women Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Man

When it comes to relationships sometimes withholding certain details can be more beneficial than harmful in most cases. Especially if you are trying to build your significant other up instead of tearing him down.

You should be cautious about confessing a couple of matters or passing a few statements in front of your boyfriend or your husband. Here is a list of things you should never tell a man if you are looking for your relationship to last longer.

1. That he isn’t your type

It happens. Sometimes you get with a man you wouldn’t normally date and the two of you hit it off like a bush fire. If this is how it happened between the two of you, he doesn’t need to know. Telling him now will just make him insecure, it won’t help anybody.

2. How many partners you’ve had

11 Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Man

It seems like most guys can’t help but ask their girlfriend how many romantic partners she’s had. 

Trust us, he does not need to know this information. Here’s why: if you’ve only had a few sexual partners, he might wonder if you’ll be tempted to stray later on in the relationship. If the number is too high and who knows what that arbitrary number might be (no, don’t ask him!) he might think you’re loose (to use a kind word).

So just don’t tell him. If he asks, just smile mysteriously and answer something like ‘Enough to know how fantastic you are!’ There is no real reason why you should ever have to disclose exactly how many people you have been intimate with at all.

3. Once a cheater

Nobody’s perfect, and more of us have strayed than we’d like to admit. But even if your misbehavior is well behind you, think very carefully before sharing it with your current partner. It’s the sort of information that plants seeds in people’s heads, and you might not like what they grow into.

If for whatever reason you cheated on your ex, your current doesn’t need to know. Telling him that you cheated even if you had a valid reason will just make him less likely to trust you.

4. That you dislike his family or friends

11 Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Man

Your boyfriend’s family has been in his life a lot longer than you have. There is also a pretty good chance that his best friend has been there for him longer than you as well. Telling him that you don’t like his family or closest friend can sometimes open up a whole new can of worms that some people aren’t ready for. So, sometimes it is honestly easier to say nothing.

If the roles were reversed, we would most likely tell people that he isn’t too fond of those that are closest to us. Which means that there is a good chance that if you would confide this secret to him, that your secret distaste for his loved one wouldn’t necessarily stay with just him.

5. Anything about your EX

11 Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Man

It’s tempting, especially when you’re angry, to make unflattering comparisons with exes. But here’s the thing: you’re not with them any more. Just believe, this is never, ever a good idea.

If he asks for details, say as little as possible. Never volunteer any information about an ex”it can only lead to feelings of inadequacy, suspicion, and a host of other feelings, none of them good. Don’t talk about where your ex worked, the restaurants he liked to go to”even his name, if you can help it. Keep the past in the past.

If you have a friendly, healthy relationship with your exes, good for you. Not all partners see it that way, though. Don’t let jealousy rear its ugly head. Keep those (innocent, we’re sure) texts to yourself.

6. Minor doubts you’re having about him

Sometimes having minor doubts about your partner can be completely normal. But unless it is something major or if it is something that could potentially change or end your relationship, there is no reason to discuss these minor doubts.

Some people may even worry that perhaps they made the wrong decision about choosing him over someone else. While others may simply wonder whether or not he is “the one.” These are all examples of doubts that should remain a secret.

7. About the guy that hit on you

Of course, you are probably happy with yourself that another man hit on you but you held your ground. The truth however is that telling you man will not help your relationship.

8. That you feel like you settled for him

Hopefully you would never mention this to your boyfriend or husband, but during a fight, you could be tempted to blurt this out.

Don’t. Even if it’s not true, it will lead, eventually, to the disintegration of your relationship. And if it is true, maybe you need to think about finding someone you’re really into. But in the meantime, you don’t need to communicate this hurtful information. You’re better than that!

9. About his flaws that he can’t change

Your guy might have mannerisms or do certain things that may annoy you, but that he honestly cannot change or doesn’t know how to change. Maybe he has a weird voice or he talks with his hands. Those are little things that should be kept away from him.

The reason you want to keep it a secret is that you don’t want to offend him or hurt his feelings when you really don’t need to. If you really want to be with someone you should accept and ignore the little things he does or says that drives you crazy.

10. That you’re crushing on one of his friends

11 Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Man

Boyfriends love when you can get along with their friends, it shows that you are willing to be one of the boys. It’s great when you can get close to his friends, but you should never get too close.

If you do end up getting some type of feelings for his friends you need to keep that to yourself. You wouldn’t want to know if your boyfriend had a crush on one of your friends. And if it’s just a crush, it will pass because of how much you care about him. There is no need to raise red flags for no reason.

11. What you do with your own personal cash

11 Secrets You Should Never Tell Your Man

You work hard for your money and you should be able to spend it on whatever you like. You don’t have to tell your boyfriend every little thing that you buy. If he demands that you tell him, be aware that it is a sign of control issues.

So, feel free to spend your money on things that make you happy. Go to your favorite store and buy bath bombs or stop at that fancy bakery you love; you’ve worked hard and you deserve to treat yourself.

The Takeaway

Even the most progressive and open-minded men still hold their masculinity in high esteem. It would be better if you avoid hitting their egos.

Communication is the basic key to having a healthy relationship but you need to be careful about the selection of information you use to communicate with your man.

Avoid saying stuff to infuriate him. Communicate in a gentle appropriate manner. And once you have cleared it all it wouldn’t be a bad idea to enjoy a romantic date night.

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