101 Self Care Activities To Start In The New Year

101 Self Care Activities To Start In The New Year

16. Visit your doctor.
As we said, self care is not just about relaxing and pampering. Visiting your doctor, asking the right questions, and making sure your health is on point is the most important self care activity you can try.

17. Set a routine.
We’re creatures of habits, and the only way to develop healthy habits is by having a routine. Find the best way to establish routines that you’ll stick to and make sure to update them accordingly.

18. Overhaul your diet.
It’s time to realize that what you eat impacts how you feel. Overhaul your diet and get rid of anything messing up your gut, impacting your mental health, and even affecting your well-being.

19. Love yourself.
Being a narcissist, to a certain extent, can be healthy if you know your limits. Loving yourself is the greatest act of self care you can do. Make sure you’re always checking your self-esteem levels.

20. Take a mental health day.
Today, we’re told that we must keep going no matter what. That’s the opposite of self care. Realize the importance of taking a mental health day to regain perspective and work on yourself.

21. Say “no.”
At this point, you should know that saying “no” is a powerful act of self care. Whenever you don’t want to do something, feel free to say “no” without guilt.

22. Analyze your self care.
Hey, the fact that you’re a self care guru doesn’t mean that it’s always perfect. Be mindful of the red flags pointing that your self care routine has turned selfish.

23. Consider a retreat.
Maybe you’re ready to be alone, connect with strangers, and openly work on your self care a few miles away from home.

24. Check your vitamin levels.
That’s how granular we want your self care practice to be. Almost everyone around you has a vitamin deficiency. Who’s to say you don’t, too? Something as simple as checking your vitamin levels is a powerful act of self care that means you genuinely care.

25. Practice positive talk.
Do you talk to yourself? If you do, make sure you’re using positive affirmations and positive self-talk to keep on improving.

26. Take an Epsom salt bath.
The power of salts in pretty amazing. And yes, sometimes self care means taking a hot bath or shower and disconnecting from everything and everyone around you for a few minutes.

27. Be honest with yourself.
Are you honest? Find out who you genuinely are and check in with your true self every so often.

28. Care for yourself.
While this might seem obvious, we mean care for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally because those are all very different forms of self care.

29. Manage your finances.
Most people don’t make this connection. But, managing your finances is a powerful act of self care that brings peace of mind.

30. Educate yourself.
There’s so much around self care that expands beyond its traditional definition. Make sure you understand the difference between self care, selflessness, and self-healing.

31. Continue practicing conscious self care.
Make sure that no matter where you are in your self care journey, you continue to practice intentional self care.

32. Love yourself.
Finish this sentence: “I love myself because I … … .” Do this once per day, with a new ending each time.

33. Enjoy the silence of the night.
On a clear night, find a safe and secluded spot away from the lights of the city, grab a blanket, stare up at the stars, and let your mind wander from big to small thoughts.

34. Do unexpected.
Next time you’re getting lunch, buy lunch for the person behind you in line. Say you’re “paying it forward” and walk away with a smile on your face.

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