101 Self Care Activities To Start In The New Year

101 Self Care Activities To Start In The New Year

Self Care Guru Level Activities to Try

If you’ve made it to this group, this means you’re fully aware of the importance of self care. You’ve been through the trenches and back, and you value self care as much as you value your health.

While you’re still on a self care journey, you make it a priority to fit some sort of self care activity in your weekly plans. This year, you’re determined to make self care part of who you are and, without a doubt, expand on your activities to those that once seemed too daunting to try.

Keep in mind that your level of self care “guruness” is not the same as everyone else. Don’t feel forced or pushed to try something you don’t feel comfortable with yet.

1. Create.
Make a piece of artwork — draw, paint, cut and paste, whatever — that someone might interpret as ugly and tell it you love and accept it anyway.

2. Elevate your meditation practice.
You’re ready to take on meditation at a deeper level. Try moving on from those five-minute sessions to long thirty minutes to an hour meditation session.

3. Embrace breathing.
Learning a new breathing technique is challenging at first. However, you’re willing to learn different ones to use while you work, when you’re struggling with an anxiety attack, or when you’re ready for bed.

4. Next level yoga.
You’ve mastered the beginner poses and are finally understanding the purpose of the yoga practice. Now, you’re ready to try new poses and maybe consider a yoga retreat.

5. Frequent therapy sessions.
To you, going to therapy with yourself or as a couple is part of your self care routine now. Every so often, you make sure to visit your therapist and check-in with yourself.

6. Evaluate your relationships.
Through your self care journey, you’re now able to recognize toxic behaviors. Go through your list of family and friends and see if you’re keeping toxic relationships. But don’t stop there. If you’re ready to forgive toxic people in your life, go ahead and do it.

7. Have a mental health checkup.
Beyond therapy sessions, you should be fully aware of the state of your mental health. Now and then, practice a mental health checkup to make sure you’re not dismissing any red flags.

8. Join an exercise challenge.
You’re more than ready to make exercise part of your daily routine. If you’re still struggling with finding the right groove, try joining a workout challenge to help you get started.

9. Challenge yourself.
Speaking of challenges, this is your moment to challenge yourself to achieve more. Don’t think too small or too big, pinpoint that one area that you’re dying to improve and set your mind and heart to make it happen.

10. Make journaling a routine.
By now, you’re an expert at journaling. From what you eat, how you feel, what you did, and beyond, your journal is your safe place to practice self-reflection.

11. Try a digital detox.
Once you’ve detoxed your social media to protect your mental health, consider if it’s time for a digital detox. Whether you’re ready to go digital cold-turkey or want to start easing into it, time away from your devices will soothe your soul.

12. Learn to relax.
People believe that resting is as easy as 1-2-3, you know better. This year make it your priority to learn the art of relaxing once and for all.

13. Go outside.
Spend time outdoors doing an activity that you love. Breathing fresh air, as well as being surrounded by nature, can have a positive impact on your mental health.

14. Volunteer.
There’s nothing better than the art of giving. Overall, giving makes us feel good about ourselves, and at the same time, we’re helping others.

15. Ask for help.
Move away from the stigma of asking for help. As a self care guru, you need to become fully aware of the importance of reaching out for help when you need it. There’s no shame in seeking help.

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