101 Self Care Activities To Start In The New Year

101 Self Care Activities To Start In The New Year

Self Care Activities for Those Well on Their Way

You’re not new to self care, but you don’t consider yourself a guru yet. Last year, you focused on learning more about the ins and outs of self care. This year, you’re ready to take your self care practice to the next level by incorporating health care and mental health as part of your journey.

Those at this level are not at the same stage. Some people have been well on their way to self care for quite some time. Others just decided to start. Give these self care activities a try and see what falls under your comfort zone and what’s pushing you to achieve more.

1. Try acupuncture.
An ancient remedy that can help channel your energies and soothe stress levels, as well as treat many ailments.

2. Master some yoga poses.
Whether you practice it already or not, try to master some beginner yoga poses to push your body and mind to stay still.

3. Start meditating.
If you’re not an avid meditator, try active meditation to help you get started on this mindful practice.

4. Level your exercise routine.
It’s time to kick-start a solid exercise routine that works for you. Find out what type of fitness style suits you and start planning your workouts around this style. This way, you’re more likely to stick with a routine.

5. Analyze your diet.
Part of self care is caring for your body from within. Take some time and find out if your diet is truly healthy or if it’s time to update it.

6. Learn a breathing technique.
The power of breathing is undeniable. Try to learn a new breathing technique to control your emotions and ground yourself whenever needed.

7. Start journaling.
The easiest way to track your self care journey is by journaling. Start by jotting some feelings and ideas down and work your way up to a thoughtful journal entry.

8. Measure progress.
Make sure you’re making strides when it comes to your journey. Look at how you’re doing by tracking your goals.

9. Clean your social media.
If you can’t stay away from your social media accounts, make sure they’re a safe place. Detox your social media to get rid of anything that might be harming your mental health.

10. Go to therapy.
At this point, it’s time for you to consider therapy. Move past the stigma associated with the practice and set up an appointment.

11. Call someone.
If you don’t feel comfortable with therapy (yet), then try calling someone. Reach out to a friend, colleague, or parent to discuss your mental health status.

12. Check your self-image.
You can be trying, but if your self-image isn’t in the right place, your self care efforts won’t do much. Make sure you’re checking your self-image status to make sure it’s a positive and healthy one.

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