101 Self Care Activities To Start In The New Year

101 Self Care Activities To Start In The New Year

16. Pet an animal.
If you have a furry friend around, give them a hug, your stress levels will plummet immediately. If you don’t ask a friend if you can take theirs for a walk, this can also help reduce your anxiety.

17. Indulge in a treat.
Every so often, get yourself something you usually restrict. Maybe a piece of chocolate, a skincare product, or whatever “indulging” means to you.

18. Take a bath.
Take a long steamy shower and just be still for a few minutes.

19. Listen to music.
Find a relaxing or fun playlist to listen to for one day. Music has the power to change our mood and make us feel better instantly.

20. Take a walk.
Try to schedule a five-minute walk to break up your work schedule. Walking allows you to spend time alone and clear your mind.

21. Watch a movie.
Not everything has to be an elaborate self care plan. Choose one day to sit back and watch a movie you love.

22. Breathe.
We often forget about the power of breathing. The next time you feel as if everything is going badly, take a minute and breathe. You will feel better after, for sure.

23. Read a book.
If disconnecting from the world is troublesome to you, try reading a book. Anything from self care books to self help books is always good to have around.

24. Watch the water.
Is there a pond or lake near you? Go over there and stare at the water for a few minutes. Looking at water can help you relax and reduce your anxiety.

25. Organize your day.
Self care often feels like work because it is, you’re working on yourself. Try to organize whatever is going to happen tomorrow to help you start creating a routine.

26. Listen to a podcast.
If books are not your thing, try listening to a podcast instead to help you tune out the noise from outside.

27. Analyze your strategy.
If self care is new to you, you might have a higher risk of going down the selfish lane. Make sure to analyze your self care and watch out for selfish red flags.

28. Work on yourself.
You’re already here, which means you’re looking for a path to grow. Sign up for a self-development course to get some guidance.

29. Turn off your phone.
It might seem very simple, but most people are so glued to their phones that the thought of not having it for an hour or two already stresses them out. Do yourself a favor and set your phone on airplane mode at least thirty minutes a day and work your way up to an hour or maybe a whole day.

30. Light a candle.
The power of aromatherapy is key for many. Whether it works or not, that’s up for debate. But there’s little doubt, having a pleasant scent around the house is calming and soothing.

31. List 3 positive things.
Take a moment at the end of each day and consciously list 3 good things in your life. This can help refocus your emotions on all the positive things that happen each day, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

32. Cook something.
Prepare a meal, no matter how simple. Even if it’s just a sandwich, popcorn, whatever!

33. Relax on the floor.
Lay on the floor on your back with your eyes closed for five minutes (or longer) and just breathe.

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