101 Self Care Activities To Start In The New Year

101 Self Care Activities To Start In The New Year

Self Care Activities for Those Who Are Just Getting Started

If you’re new to the self care world, welcome! We’re glad to have you. Through these activities, you’ll learn that self care is much more than face masks and relaxation music. In the end, self care is about putting in the work to become a better version of you.

Regardless of where you are and where you want to be, the fact that you’re starting with something matters.

Keep in mind that self care means something different to everyone. So, fine-tune this list to match what you believe self care means to you at this moment.

1. Dance a little.
Turn up the volume at work or home and dance to your favorite tunes — no judgment.

2. Drink more water.
Perhaps the easiest self care activity to try this year.

3. Exercise more often.
You don’t have to enlist for a marathon or hit the CrossFit arena to make this happen. Any form of exercise will count; even thirty minutes of walking will do.

4. Drink some tea.
Embrace the benefits of drinking tea more often. Beyond being antioxidative and highly beneficial for our health, tea is another way to ramp up our water intake.

5. Paint your nails.
Yes, self care is also painting your nails and giving yourself a face mask.

6. Sleep more.
We take sleep for granted. This year do your best to sleep at least seven hours a night and improve your sleeping habits.

7. Go outside.
A few minutes outdoors can bring your stress levels down. Every day do your best to spend at least five minutes outside breathing fresh air.

8. Eat something you love.
An instant way to pick your mood up is by eating something you enjoy. Try one of these healthier alternatives to some of your favorite cravings.

9. Have a morning routine.
What we do when we wake up can impact the rest of our day. Try to set a morning routine and stick to it and see what happens.

10. Go to bed earlier.
If getting your eight-to-nine hours of sleep a night is challenging, start by at least going to bed earlier. Before you notice, you’ll be falling asleep earlier as well.

11. Call a friend.
Self care doesn’t have to be elaborate or too thoughtful. Sometimes, calling a friend is all you need to care for your social self.

12. Clean your house.
When we try to operate in a messy environment, our minds will be crowded with messy thoughts. Try to de-clutter your home so that you can de-clutter your mind.

13. Smile.
Whenever you feel overwhelmed, try smiling. Keep your smile for at least thirty seconds. You’ll be surprised at the difference.

14. Get some pampering.
You don’t have to wait for a stressful day or winning something to get some pampering. Schedule a massage or have an at-home spa day to relax.

15. Find a quote and repeat it.
While affirmations can be daunting to you, a positive quote can help you get started on this practice. Find one you love the most and keep it close, try to repeat this quote to yourself daily.

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