10 Reasons You Should Never Spy On Your Partner

10 Reasons You Should Never Spy On Your Partner

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Spy on Your Spouse

There are legal reasons, but also very important psychological reasons why you shouldn’t spy on your spouse.

Curiosity and wanting to know and control our partner is something very human and understandable. It is also a sign of personal insecurity in the relationship because if you were sure of your position in your partner’s life why would you bother about what he does in his privacy?

Well, let’s see some reasons why it is very unhealthy to invade into your partner’s text messages, call log, chats and social medial accounts.

1. When one seeks, one finds.

What will you do if you find something? Are you prepared to find that your worst fears are true? Can you stay calm enough to assess the information rationally, and not draw the most awful conclusion from scant facts?

Make sure you’re prepared for whatever you find. If you’re pretty sure there’s a real problem, having a plan of action, like couples therapy, is better than snooping.

2. It kills trust.

Trust should always be one of the pillars in relationships. If you went through your spouse’s device, you could find reasons why you shouldn’t trust him/her anymore and when trust is taken out of the relationship every other thing dies gradually.

And if your partner catches you snooping, you’ll have a difficult time explaining why you don’t trust him, and rebuilding his trust of you.

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