10 best South African dating apps 2022

10 best South African dating apps 2022

6. South African Cupid

This app has been performing well since its establishment. The South African Cupid application has helped reduce the worrying trend of women looking for men Cape Town. Here, singles are able to secure dates and even long term relationships. Its features include:

  • Free membership choices
  • Ability to access it from a place of your choice
  • Instant in-app messaging function to help keep your messages private
  • Attractive and easy to use interface

If you are out there looking to have a partner from within the country, then this app got you covered. Its wide user base allows you to mingle with numerous singles. Some of whom are ready to settle while others are looking to have fun.

10 best South African dating apps 2022

7. OkCupid

So far, OkCupid is one of the most outstanding dating apps in South Africa. It has the ability to match profiles more conveniently as compared to others. If you have been heartbroken and you do not want to continue suffering from those awkward, denial feelings, then this might help you. It has in-app and random texting features that specialise in matching singles with compatible interests only. Also, you can customise the features to find matches of your preferences.

OkCupid is easy to use and above all, its high compatibility and matching potential makes it easier for people to rely on it.

10 best South African dating apps 2022

8. MatchMaker

Have you ever sat down for a moment and asked yourself why we are this choosy? Well, you may not be able to realise this until you decide to get a partner. MatchMaker is a simple courting function that helps you find the exact person you intend to have for a soul mate.

The app contains advanced features to help you locate a match of your choice. Communication here is simple because there is an in-app texting app. However, texting becomes more convenient when one is using a paid account.

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